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note: this is not an exhaustive list

Babies teach us to slow down. Thankfully they don’t come out of the womb walking like giraffes. If God wanted that for us, he would have designed us that way. We have time to see the new developments of a child, although rapid, we can see the growth and change over time if we pay attention.

Babies teach us that our world is amazing. Watching them watch the world around them is fascinating. I love putting words to my babies facial expressions, “Wow, that guy is pushing a bunch of heavy stuff sitting in a metal basket rolling on circles…” (A guy moving a cart of fruit for a food stand)

Babies remind us of our deepest desire for connection. We cannot help but want to make eye contact with a baby and make them smile.

Babies remind us that we all reflect our creator. 

Babies remind us that we are all significant. 

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