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It was one of those weeks where parenthood lays heavy on your heart. How am I going to raise another human being who is secure in who they are? Social media overwhelm had recently got the best of me and I decided on a full detox. Facebook: deleted. Instagram: deactivated.

In the warm summer morning, around 10 am, baby girl was already up from her first nap. I decided we better get a walk in before it got too hot. We strode up past the park and began to approach the library. A few early teen kids were walking across the street and I said hello, asking them if they were enjoying the beautiful morning so far. They let me know they were out on strict business.

Well, this of course caught my attention. Thirteen-year-olds in the middle of summer out around town on “business”? After chatting for a few minutes they let me know they had just opened a soda shop around the corner.

I told them I’d be by when we got up there, as they were running back, but they let me know they were closing. Thankfully though, as I had no cash on hand. They’d be back open at 3 pm but between 10 am and 3 pm they closed. I assumed for lunch, but no, it was their chore break.

Wanting to support their business, I got baby girl out for another walk later during their open hours, with a handful of quarters in tow. They had sold out of sparkling water but had plenty of different flavors of ice pops and coke left. I gladly took a blueberry ice pop to cool down with for the rest of our walk.

I chatted with the kids for a few more minutes and the delivery boy let me know this was just his side job. He had his own business too.

Glancing up the street I could see a handmade cardboard sign with black ink, “Ethan’s Lawn Care, straight lines every time! 1:30 pm – 5:30 pm” I assumed his hours left the room in his day for his second job and chores at home.

Inspired, these kids left me smiling for the next few days. As I pushed Baby A home in her stroller I wondered about her. I hope I’ll be able to teach her a few skills these young kids have learned and a young mom up the street will support her latest endeavor. And for now, I’ll keep my little bag in the stroller full of quarters.

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