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Referral Program

Help your friend with their business

Mobile Responsive

Does your friend have an old clunky website that doesn’t look right on smaller devices? Help them put their best foot forward. Now you have an answer to their problems! 

Upgrade & Refresh

Did your friend DIY their brand when they first started out and haven’t revisited since? Once established, a brand refresh and definition demands attention from customers.

Show Me the Numbers

Every friend you refer that books a project puts $50 in your pocket

10 Friends = $500


How Do I Refer My Friend?


1. Talk to them

Reach out to your friend and let them know you finally updated your website or brand, and couldn’t be more excited about business right now.  Share with them why Boulden Creatives worked well for you and send them your site to check it out! 

2. Use the Referral Form

Ask them if Boulden Creatives can reach out to them. If so, give us all the goods so we can take it from there. Complete the referral form so we know you are where they got their info from. 


3. I Reach Out

I’ll get in touch with them to set up a discovery call and see how I can help propel them forward with brand and website updates to reach their customers better and with more clarity.

4. You Win

When the project is launched, you get 5% of the contracted fee! And you’ll probably be taken out to lunch by your friend too. 😉 

Refer Your Friend to Boulden Creatives


Can I refer someone even if I didn’t use your services?

Yes! If you know of my reputation and work style and you think someone would benefit from my services, get us connected! You’ll still get your $50 per referral!

Any Other Questions

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