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The goal for this project was to present Pawsitive Vibes Animal Rescue professionally and to show the animal community that although a relatively new organization, Pawsitive Vibes is here to stay.

The client specifically wanted this paw print represented in the logo due to the significance of it. This print is from the dog that inspired the owner to begin this organization in the first place. What better way to honor him than giving him a position of legacy in Pawsitive Vibes!

Logo, sub mark, photo and colors defining Pawsitive Vibes Animal Rescue brand
Brand overview of Pawsitive Vibes Animal Rescue Inc

The client was able to use this logo for an upcoming showcase where many other animal rescue organizations were present, and the professional touch allowed them to stand out, helping place more animals in temporary and permenant homes.

The special element of Pawsitive Vibes Animal Rescue is that they work with current kill shelters, and help them become no-kill shelters across the nation. Currently, animals from Texas are being transported up to PA to remove them from the danger of kill shelters.

I’m honored to have worked with this organization to help them further the work to place animals in loving and safe homes!

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