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Our car plans haven’t exactly come to fruition over the last year and a half. My car was totaled in the fall of 2018, we had hoped to get an SUV before that year was over, but the timing of the accident and our bank accounts just didn’t line up. We continued saving money and we found a car to replace the totaled one (thank you Uncle Kenny!).

We continued to plan to buy an SUV in the near future, hoping to have one before the winter of 2019. Matt is a nurse and works on call. When it snows he still has to go to work, and our small sedans weren’t exactly snow and ice friendly. We knew we needed to sell one of our vehicles to get the SUV, but winter came and went with no bites on our car. We had a trip planned for the end of May, when we would be driving to Niagara falls.

We set that as our new goal: Have a roomy car for the drive with Aenea and our luggage.

As with all of our 2020’s, plans got thrown off and our trip canceled. New goal, before winter 2020 (yep, two years later!). We continued looking and advertising our car, some weeks more vigorously than others. We’ll see what happens this week.

All through this journey God has provided. Even if we never get an SUV we can still look at this and see how God provides. He provides peace when Matt needs to drive in the snow to work in a sedan, he provides self control to not go into debt for a want, he provides joy in our travels, he provides patience when the timeline of our plans change multiple times. He provides kindness in the conversations we’ve had with others about our car searches.

Through all this we can see that God is faithful. Nope, I’m not referring to the “Look, we got an SUV, God is faithful, he helped us get where we wanted to be,” but the intangible ways God is faithful.
My heart has been challenged by this in the way we as a church talk about God’s blessings and how often we can get his blessings to our soul mixed up with our desires of this world.

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