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Today was about getting rid of the leftovers. Not just the food, but the random leftovers.

Three bandaids without a home.

Two allergy medicines from the previous box.

The coffee shop gift card with 78 cents on it.

The rewards card from the store that has since closed.

The screw that goes to…nothing?

I dug deep this week, but it only took about ten minutes. I had a few extra minutes in the bathroom and the kitchen while getting ready this morning and unpacking the diaper bag.

Clearing the clutter doesn’t have to be a big to-do. Even these little declutter sessions add up over the long haul and it feels good to have made a bit of progress without feeling consumed by the task of decluttering.

Although I keep coming across the lid to the candle I’m currently burning. I just need to toss it, right?

Bonus: I combined leftover errands when I picked up dog food and the drugstore items both from the grocery store. I thought I’d have to make a separate trip to the pharmacy, but realized the grocery store carried both! Win winner, chicken dinner.

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