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Not everything goes under the “Portfolio” tab, because, well, it wasn’t all that great, or I’ve learned a lot since I’ve made those things. But that doesn’t ditract from the value of the process.

I’m personally going through a process of digitally decluttering. Originally I was going to make an instagram account that I posted anythign and everything that I’ve created, but I’m going to do it here instead, to keep everything in one central location.

Simplicity, right?

So, let’s dig right in. College was all about poster design. Ok, not necessarily, but upon going through my files, I found a lot of posters.

Here are some posters I designed while in college, for college events. We all start somewhere, right?

I’ll be adding more poster designs as I come across them. Now here’s the digital minimalism question. Do I delete these files now?

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