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This is one of those projects that you still laugh at years later. This was for my college Art and Design class, my very first art class. And when I say first, I mean first art class since 8th grade. I didn’t take a single art class in high school. It wasn’t required. Actually, they were pretty tough to get into, they seemed to fill up quickly, and I never identified myself as one of the art students.

So jumping into this college class with some of those “art kids” was a little overwhelming. Along with the fact that on the day we were starting this project, I forgot to bring in my object that I had so intentionally chosen to spend the next 4 weeks scanning and digitally drawing.

I looked in my backpack, which had just come with me from the cafeteria, and I had snagged a banana for an afternoon snack. Bingo, my saving grace!

Until about 20 minutes later when I looked down at this banana, realized what I was getting myself into…

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