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We have tackled a handful of projects around our house this summer, so it’s time for a recap of all our work!

  • The garden
  • Flowers by the mailbox
  • Flower boxes at shed
  • The fence!
  • Board and batten in kitchen
  • Furniture updates
  • Painting the 3rd floor
  • Painting the ceiling in the kitchen
  • Replace the front door lock
  • Command center

We also began decluttering the living room to make it more kid friendly, placing priority decor in other spots of our home.

Things we kept: books, photo, travel reminders, watch.

Things we decluttered: Letter “B”, photo, bins.

We made a furniture purchase that helped centralize a few things like our paper system, our camera and go pro and command center accessories (stamps, thank you cards, etc).

Decor: I identified a few key spaces that can easily be updated seasonally to decorate and refresh the space. Those include Zeke’s dog treat jar, a small sign on our key hook, a small sign by the fridge, foliage tucked around our white board, and the foliage in the jars that hang on the wall in the living room. A few other possibilities include the pen jar in our command center, and the folders we use in the command center.

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