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Using a template in Google Docs is an easy way to keep your branding cohesive throughout all documents created. By using brand specific fonts and colors, the standard documents you create on a regular basis will match and give you an added level of confidence. Cohesive brand = more professional!

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Create a New Doc

Make a new document in Google Drive, or use this template with placeholder text already set.

Menu showing where to find options to create a new Google Doc

Create a new standard document in Google Docs by clicking “New” and selecting “Google Docs”

Set up Sample Text

Use sample text for each of the types of type styles we will set up. Those include Title, Subtitle, Normal Text, Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3, Heading 4, Heading 5, and Heading 6.

If you used the template I’ve provided the sample text will be in place for you already.

Written sample text in a Google Doc.

Sample text helps visualize the hierarchy of documents you will create in the future.

Change the Font

One at a time, change each line of text to the style that you would like to use as your default templates. Remember to not use more than 3 font families in any one publication. My template uses 3, a unique header font, my supporting serif font for the subheading, and Lato as my standard body font.

Showing the font option list in google Docs

Change the font of selected text by clicking the drop-down options in the menu.

Change the Colors

Use your colors for your brand defined by your brand standards to create complete cohesion. To set custom colors in Google Docs select the color option, and click “Custom” to put your hexadecimal color code into the input field.

The color menu in Google Docs to change the color of text.

Add a custom color to your text style that matches your brand by putting in the hex code.

Change Any Other Settings

In Google Docs you also have options to set up the line spacing for each of the different levels of text. The default settings are appropriate, I recommend keeping them as they are.

Save As Document Styles

Once you have each level of text set to the style you like, save them as the documents standard styles. For each level of text, they will have to be saved individually. After we save the standard styles for the document, we’ll set the document settings to your Google account default settings. To start, highlight your “Title” style, drop down the styles menu, click the right arrow, and select “Update ‘Title’ to match.” Do that for each style you have defined.

The styles menu with option to "Update 'Title' to match"

Update the styles of your document to match those you intentionally set on the page.

Save as Default Styles

After each of the individual styles matches the ones you styled on your document page and you are happy with the look, you can update the styles for your entire Google account. This means every time you create a new Doc in Google Docs, these colors and fonts will be set as your default “Title” “Subtitle” and other styles. From the styles drop-down menu, select “Options” at the bottom, and choose “Save as my default styles.”

From the drop-down select “Options”, then click “Save as my default styles.”

Clean Up

After saving your default styles feel free to delete this document you just used as your “drawing board.” Now Google Docs knows which font styles you want to use in the future!

Video Tutorial

How to Brand Your Google Doc Templates | Set it and forget it | Automation | Boulden Creatives

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