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Congratulations, you’re on your way to your new website for your business!

Now that you’re signed the contract, determined your needs and custom solutions, you need to take a few foundational steps.

Decide your domain name

Don’t get too hung up on this step. Domains run around $15/year and you essentially rent the name that people type into their URL search bar to find your website.

You can do some searches to see prices and available ones through Google’s domain search tool. Don’t purchase through Google though, you can get a deal with your hosting to get a year free!

If your first option is not available or is listed for $4,200, then it’s time to get a little creative. Use this fun tool to come up with other options for your website domain name. I typically recommend .com for your domain extension, as .com is short for commercial.

Purchase hosting

Purchase your hosting through DreamHost here, it includes your domain for free for the first year. I usually recommend Shared Unlimited Hosting from DreamHost for the extensive list of features at a small price tag of only $7.95/month when paid annually.

Once you visit their sales page, scroll down and click the blue “Sign Up Now” button under the “Shared” option on the right. Complete the instructions provided by DreamHost. They will ask you for the domain name that you have chosen. Be sure to double check the spelling!

Send the details

Once you’re set up with your DreamHost account for your new site, send your account info to me. If you have other files that were requested, like logos and photos, be sure to send them at this point as well so we can keep the project moving!

What I’ll be doing

While you’re setting up this hosting account, I’ll will be creating a general Google account for your business. Ideally this Google account will have access to Google Business Listing, Google Analytics, Google Search Console and other accounts related to your business.

This Google account will be all yours once the site is complete and creates an easy turn over process to transition you to your new website tools.

Be sure to keep this Google account secure and the password with your other website details. If you ever use a new web developer or designer, it would be helpful for them to have access to Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

Onto the fun stuff

Once we have all these accounts setup we are ready to move onto more tangible website fun where we’ll cover each page for your new site and what content will be on each page.

If you have unique features for your site we’ll map out how users will interact and move around on your new website. This step is so critical and helps you and I make sure we’re maintaining expectations and not missing any key elements!

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