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The list of things to do in this world is exhausting…Read 100 books in a year, oh yeah that sounds like a good idea, I should do that. Wait, how much reflecting do you actually do when you read that many books? Ok, so read less books and reflect more. But since you’re reflecting on that, make sure you start journaling. But do it this way: gratitude, prayers and morning pages. Morning pages, what are those? Oh here, this podcast talks about it. Hm, they also mentioned a great workout, and a new hobby I should try. We should all have hobbies right? But I should keep track of how often I do the hobby in my habit tracker. Should that go in my journal or my planner? Or my phone? I think there is a productivity app in my phone I can use. Look, I found some old notes, does this count as journaling? It’s kinda like memory keeping notes. Should they go in my photo book that I want to print each year (but have yet to get around to)? Should I be taking videos or photos of my kids? What do I do with the videos and photos after I take them? Back them up?! What. The cloud? I’m exhausted. Over more question, what’s for dinner?

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