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Hey, I'm Megan Boulden

I’m here to simplify design for your business and help you rediscover your confidence in your business!

How’d I Get Here

After graduating from Messiah College with a bachelors degree in Digital Media, I began working at an internet marketing company.

At 22 I found myself assisting in leading a team of 18 designers, developers, and creatives. We solved problems of workflow, client interaction, decreasing turnaround time, and working in a quickly growing business.

The work was fast, full, and never dull. But it lacked something vital for me to feel fully invested. The sites and projects we were working weren’t traditional internet marketing projects. Rather than serving businesses and bloggers, we were purchasing and managing sites for investors. No one seemed to have any vested interest for the viewers of these website properties.

While I loved my coworkers and the work I was doing on the day-to-day, in the big picture, I knew it wouldn’t last for me if I were to continue to love the work I do.

I began pursuing Boulden Creatives as a side-hustle in March 2017, slowly and without confidence. My website was launched in October 2017, and I parted ways with my full-time position in August 2018.  

So here we are! 

Want to work with me?

I have current availability and am able to schedule further ahead to help meet your needs best. Head over to my contact page and give me some starting info!

A Bit of My Life

I’m a newlywed to my high school sweetheart, Matt. We’re dedicated Dave Ramsey fans, after the long slog out of our student debt. Through that process, I learned a lot about baby steps and the necessary foundation for any long-term goal. Much of that has transferred into my business as I’ve learned and grown as a designer and business owner.

I’ve always explored minimalism as a thoughtful lifestyle and incorporated those habits into my life at home.

When taking my side gig full time, I realized business owners had no sense of “minimalism” because they are so busy taking care of everything. It’s mayhem!

I aim to simplify design and the online aspects of business for those who feel everything is out of control. Design isn’t complicated, it just takes a foundation.

Behind The Scenes Team


My Husband, Matt

Boulden Creatives' Mascot, Zeke

Why Boulden Creatives

Your business may have started with a bad first impression, let’s just call it out. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have the chance to make the right impression. Boulden Creatives is here to walk with you through where you’ve been, where you are, and where you’re going.

Your business deserves to be known and understood online, and I’m here to help you communicated to your people, those you are meant to focus on and serve. Keep it simple and do what you know and love. I’ll be here for the rest. 


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