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I’m getting right to the goods here. In no particular order are my goals for twenty nineteen (it’s still crazy to think we are here).

1. Practice hospitality and friendship in my heart and home

Throughout November and December I found myself saying and thinking the same thing, “I don’t have the gift of hospitality.” But I’m choosing to receive that as a lie. The truth is that I haven’t practiced hospitality enough to be comfortable, enjoy it, and develop it as a gift.

This goal is spreading further than just my home and having guests. It’s extending to participating in meal trains for those in my church and community (which honestly, I’ve previously ignored).

Another element of this goal is expanding friendship in general, deepening those friendships I have, and doing so in ways that I know they feel loved. And as weird as it sounds as a goal, I want to make more friends this year, to see those opportunities and be the invitation, not just waiting for the invitation.

2. Serve my clients well

This is my main business goal of 2019, as I believe all other growth will follow if I can nail this foundation piece.

Serving well for me consists of creating a smooth process so that my clients feel heard, understood, and don’t ever, I repeat, ever, feel taken advantage of. I hear too many unfortunate stories, and I don’t want to contribute to that part of this industry.

The key word in this goal for me is to serve (which almost was my word of the year).

3. Build and record our family legacy

This one is a little more vague, but it’s so valuable to me. I’m traditionally not one that can recall memories very well, and I’m not a natural storyteller, in contrast to my husband. He can easily tell me a 20 minute story on a 3 minute incident. Me on the other hand, forgot it happened.

In an effort to become a more legacy focused person I’m reflecting more in writing (pen to paper), intentionally photographing life, and of course, I plan to work on some photo books from past years and trips. I still have yet to print our own wedding album, that was 2.5 years ago…

4. Love my husband well

An honoring goal, right? If I didn’t include this in my final list of goals, I knew it could easily fall to the wayside, and the aftermath could be crippling. A few months ago we began Tuesday date nights, and every week I look forward to them more and more.

Along with spending time together, loving him well consists of being a person worthy of his love, and constantly praying for him and his heart.

5. Dig deep into God, His Word and develop my faith

In 2018 I read through the Bible fully for the first time, after being a Christian for over 8 years. Somedays it felt like another thing on my to-do list, and I feel a twinge of shame for that, but I’m still glad I did it.

Even in these past few weeks, I’ve experienced Christ like never before, and I want more of it. In 2019 I’ll be trying to practice a Sabbath (probably on Saturday’s), for some balance and space for God and pursuing deep Biblical study. At this rate, I might complete the entire book of Hebrews over the next twelve months. I’m taking my time, being quiet, and asking God to speak to me.

6. Steward my time (and brain power) well

Another admission, I’m a chronic procrastinator. While most would say i’m a pretty driven personality, my fears and perfectionist side lead me to a cycle of procrastination. This. isn’t. okay.

I’m focusing on small tweaks to different parts of my days and schedules as I work intentionally to take action. A morning routine is written out next to my Tending List to reference each day.

I’m constantly reminding myself that imperfect progress is still progress.

I too often choose the easy tasks to do over those that I might fail at, so less of those “easy” tasks, and more of the tough stuff. When you’re uncomfortable you’re growing, right?

A tagalong to this goal is critical consumption. The last half of 2018 was filled with too many podcasts. I got overwhelmed and felt like I had way too much to do with no time. This year I’m taking the consumption of books, podcasts, and other media at a rate which I can process, reflect, and implement changes and growth from the new knowledge.

7. Have fun and be creative, do what brings me joy

Last Christmas my parents gifted Matt and I kayaks and we enjoyed those afternoons out so much. One afternoon we saw 5 deer on the bank of a small river, it was such a sweet surprise.

I want more of that. But it takes effort. I also wanted to take a camping trip with my sisters, that was probably two years ago. I still want to do it, so why haven’t we? It’s one of those things we just let pass us by. This year, it’s not passing us by, we are doing it, and if they flake out, do you want to go with me instead? Maybe it’s one of your goals?!

I worked through a process with PowerSheets to set these goals and I’d love to share more along my journey this year. What are some of your 2019 goals? Share with me below friend!

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